Bulk Tanks

Milkplan Bulk Tanks from Bob-White Systems

Our efficient, high-quality bulk tanks are essential for ensuring quality dairy products. Free-standing and self-contained, these bulk tanks feature an insulated double-walled container and high quality built-in components to ensure low energy consumption. All bulk milk coolers come equipped with electronic programmers and a digital temperature display, with adjustable feet for easy leveling. The 2'' diameter of the outlet valve allows for faster draining of milk from the bulk tank. For a slower drain when filling bottles, totes, or pails, the included butterfly valve offers several settings to eliminate overfilling. These bulk tanks are free-standing and plug into a standard 120 Volt 20 Amp outlet. These bulk tanks comply with 3A regulations and Grade A use, but we recommend checking with your inspector before purchasing to ensure full approval.

Milkplan is a well-established European brand with over 25 years of tradition and experience in manufacturing milk coolers.

All new bulk tanks carry a full TWO-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship.  Bob-White Systems’ technical staff is available for service and support.  An extended warranty is also available; please call 802-763-2777 for more details.


Shipping on all bulk tanks is dependent on location. Please call 802-763-2777 to discuss the best available pricing for shipping this equipment. No shipping will be calculated if purchased online. The cost of shipping is determined after purchasing and must be paid in full before the equipment will be shipped. Please provide an accurate contact phone number for faster results.

Shipping of bulk tanks is generally between $250-$750 (east coast-west coast).