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Bucket Milker for One Cow

Read about how to use a bucket milker in Mother Earth News.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS SYSTEM REQUIRES  A VACUUM PUMP!  Click here to view our 3/4 HP portable vacuum pump, our most affordable option. 

Our One Cow Bucket Milker is an affordable and ideal system for small dairy farms. It's simple to use and easy to maintain, and a great alternative to a pipe-line system. This package includes everything EXCEPT THE VACUUM PUMP. In order to power this system, a vacuum pump is required.

We're farmers too, so we understand that you want equipment that's affordable, reliable, and easy-to-use. This is why we are now equipping our buckets milkers with silicone milk hose. Not only is silicone much easier to work with, it also lasts 2 to 3 times longer than Glitex hose, which should be replaced twice a year. The silicone milk hose should be good for up to three years, depending upon the amount of usage it receives.

Bucket Milker Features

  • Made of 100% heavy gauge 304 Stainless Steel with reinforced base for long life
  • Single formed pail, so there are no welds to break or leak
  • Thick full edge reinforced mouth (not a rolled edge like most others)
  • Top grade polish inside and out

Milker includes:

  • Stainless Steel 35lb (4.07 gal) 55lb (6.4 gal) or 75lb (7.56 gal) bucket (choose from the drop-down menu)
  • Stainless Steel lid with gasket
  • Interpulse pulsator (D#95 60/40) + adapter
  • All milk & vacuum hoses (including silicone milk hose)
  • Westfalia style 300 claw or Delaval Style Claw. Not sure which claw to purchase? Click HERE for a comparison.
  • O6 Shells & Kleen Flo 01 Inflations

Click here to view the manual.

(All parts are also sold separately.)

This system comes with a 1 year warranty. Certain restrictions may apply.

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DON'T NEED THE BUCKET? You can purchase a complete lid with everything minus the stainless steel bucket. A great option for milking cows with goats or sheep and not spending the extra on an additional bucket. CLICK HERE.

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