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Choosing the Right Bulk Tank for your Milkhouse

Choosing the Right Bulk Tank for your Milkhouse

5 Things to Consider when Purchasing a Milk Cooling Tank

  1. Minimum Capacity: This is the minimum amount of milk needed to reach the agitator paddle. Once the fluid level reaches the paddle sufficiently, you can turn on the compressor and begin cooling! This is especially important during your shoulder seasons. 
  2. How much milk will you have after 4 milkings? This cooling tank is at it's best when filled a quarter at a time. Milk is processed after every four milkings, the bulk tank is cleaned and ready to go for the next milking. 
  3. What will fit in my space? Length, Width and Height are available in this Tank Dimensions and Specifications file.
  4. Electrical Requirements: Will you need a 110V or a 220V outlet? MilkPlan Bulk Tanks that are 88-gallon capacity or less are 110V, 60HZ, Single Phase. MilkPlan Bulk Tanks that are 112-gallon capacity or more are 220V, HZ, phase
  5. What is my budget? The sizes we have in stock ebbs and flows with demand. Let us know if there is size or budget you are looking for that is not available. Check in often, we often run sales and promotions on the MilkPlan line of equipment. We work with North Star Leasing to offer affordable financing for purchases as low as $1000. As a Vermont company, they know the realities of farming and are committed to helping businesses grow.    

We offer a TWO YEAR GUARANTEE on all of our new Milkplan Bulk Tanks. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to assist you with any and all maintenance or repair issues, should they occur. We always stock a full supply of accessories and replacement parts.

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