Not Your Average Bottle Washer

September 06, 2018

Not Your Average Bottle Washer

Water shortages are a very real problem for many farmers and producers spread throughout this country, and around the world.  A few months back I read about Cape Town, South Africa declaring a state of emergency, due to dangerously low levels of water available to the public.  Flint, Michigan has been without healthy uncontaminated water since April of 2014, and now they are not alone with thousands of US water systems testing above the allowed PPB (Parts Per Billion) for lead.  Getting into the California water crisis is a whole other topic, so i'll let the experts write about the quenched rivers and lakes; and the necessity to conserve water.  Which brings me to a topic i'm much more familiar with...

If the previous paragraph wasn't a dead giveaway, the name of the game is protecting the resources you have, no matter how small.  To do so you can take the approach (as farmers and producers) to cut back or substitute, innovate, or even eliminate.  When talking about a resource such as WATER, elimination is near impossible, substituting alters the product, and cutting back lowers production.  Now we are left with "innovation", which is exactly what Aquatech team has done with the following piece of technology. 

Before I go any further, I want to make clear this article was not created with the intent to SELL this piece of technology, although feel free to check it out at bobwhitesystems.com should you want to know more.  Rather it was aimed to be more of a spotlight, on a product that thinks of the little guy, the struggling farmer, the cleanly food producer, and even the local restaurant owner.  


Not just your ordinary "dishwasher" , but a well built bottle washer designed for just about any container/bottle you need the "tough stuff" scrapped off of.  The best part about this, if you live in an area with limited water supply, or just need to conserve on your water bill; well this is the washer for you.  See for yourself below!



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