So, Who is Bob?

October 02, 2018

So, Who is Bob?

Bob-White Systems’ namesake is not a man, but rather, the Northern Bobwhite Quail, a native North American ground dwelling gamebird.While hard to spot, the Bobwhite can easily be identified by its clear “bobwhite” whistle, hence the name. In traditional days of small family farms and homesteads, the sound of the Bobwhite whistle was heard in unison with the gentle moos of grazing cows, as the quails lived in the hedges and fence rows separating small pastures.

With the onset of large scale agriculture, grazing and field pastures were seeded with imported grasses that were thought to be more nutritious to cows, but were detrimental to quail populations. With these changes, the Bobwhite has fled the farmlands and relocated to the woods, where it has adapted, but has also fallen prey to more predators than in its natural habitat.

Bob-White Systems encourages micro dairy farmers who are reinventing the dairy industry with small scale, low impact farms to consider dividing larger pastures with hedges and fencerows, so Bobwhites and cows may make music together once again.



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