Camelot Camel Dairy - Colorado

May 10, 2018

LiLi Model: LiLi-A

Purchased in: November, 2015


A testimonial from Kyle Hendrix of Camelot Camel Dairy:

 "We purchased the LiLi pasteurizer from Bob White Systems for our cow, camel and goat dairy in November of 2015.
This machine has been a complete dream for our pasteurization needs. We had been using a 15 gal regular pasteurizing vat, which was too small for our operation, too time-consuming and just obsolete. We had looked at several other pasteurizing machines but the LiLi is just what we needed.
It is a small, but yet complete, easy to operate machine, that doesn't alter the flavor of the milk in any way. Raw milk is gently pulled through the machine, is taken up to needed temperature, and when it comes out of the machine it is around 53 degrees. This temperature allows us to cool down to 40-45 immediately and we can begin to bottle. We can also do chocolate milk, and are experimenting with other flavors as well.
LiLi saves us a lot of time. We can be in and out milking the animals, while the LiLi is warming up to get our cut in/ cut out times, then sanitizes on its own, and then begin pasteurizing. The machine pasteurizes milk at 2 gal per minute, and clean up is a breeze with its own automatic system.
The people at Bob White Systems have been absolutely fantastic to work with. Their team is very knowledgeable in the dairy industry, and offers complete support even after the sale. The choice is easy, choose a LiLi. You will be glad you did!"