Humpback Dairy - Missouri

May 10, 2018

LiLi Model: LiLi-B

Purchased in: March 2017

Testimonial from owner/operator, Sam Hostetler:
"We like it really well. The milk that is processed with the LiLi of much better quality than when we used a Vat Pasteurizer. The Camel milk is sensitive and the Vats were too harsh on the milk during the pasteurization process."
 Humpback Farm is a Camel Dairy in Miller, Missouri that milks 20-40 Camels at any given time. The camels are milked on their farm in a walk-through parlor that milks 2 Camels at a time. 
They don't produce their own feed on their farm, but the Camels are fed hay & a soy-free diet of organic grain, roughage, and very little corn. Their dry calves & growing heifers are turned out on grass.
Currently, they are just processing whole plain raw milk at Humpback Dairy. Their herd produces 15-16 pints of milk per day and they pasteurize the milk in batches of 300-400 pints. It takes the LiLi-B approx. 1 hour to process and sanitize each batch.