Springhouse Farm & Creamery - New Jersey

March 22, 2018

LiLi Model: LiLi-B
Purchased in: April 2017

Testimonial from owner/operator, Peter Southway:

So far, the Springhouse Farm LiLi-B has been passing all of the State Testing with flying colors and they could not be happier with its performance. They have just recently introduced the bottled milk into their product line and they are thrilled with how well received their milk has been with their customers. They currently sell their bottled milk to local stores and farmers markets and every week the orders get bigger and bigger! Peter Southway expresses that he is more than willing to be contacted by potential LiLi & Processing Equipment buyers to talk about his operation and how the LiLi is working for him. Contact Bob-White Systems for more information about how to contact Peter Southway, or look him up directly on the web!

Dairy Products Produced  Additional Products Produced
  • Creamline Whole Milk
  • Creamline Chocolate Milk
  • Flavored Milk Products
  • Assorted Variety of cheeses
  • Chevre Cheese
  • Farm Fresh Eggs
  • Maple Syrup
  • Fresh Seasonal Vegetables
  • Heifers
  • Greenhouse Nursery Products


Springhouse Creamery Operation:


Springhouse Creamery runs the LiLi-B as their main source of pasteurization. Springhouse Creamery produces 3,000lbs of milk per day on average and processes 1,000-1,500 lb batches per day. The LiLi-B processes the batches at 4 gallons per minute and takes between 3-3.5 hours to pasteurize the batch. They also use the LiLi-B to process goats milk for Chevre Cheese.

Springhouse Creamery milks a mixed herd of 50 Jerseys and Holsteins. They produce and feed their own corn, corn silage, hay, and haylage.

At Springhouse Creamery, they milk the cows in the morning and then the milk is pasteurized with the LiLi at a temperature of 164 degrees for 17 seconds. It is then sent into a bulk tank where is it cooled down to 37 degrees.

Once the milk has been chilled after pasteurization, it gets pumped across the room to a Bottle Filler Capper Machine where it is bottled into 1/2-gallon and quart-sized Stanpac Glass Bottles.

Springhouse Creamery also has a Cheese Vat and Cheese Presses that are used to further process the pasteurized milk into cheeses of numerous different flavor varieties. For more detailed information about the Springhouse Creamery operation, check out this article that was just released by Progressive Dairyman!



To see more of the operations and events at Springhouse Creamery, visit them on Facebook!

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