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Springhouse Farm & Creamery - New Jersey

LiLi Model: LiLi-B
Purchased in: April 2017

Dairy Products Produced  Additional Products Produced
  • Creamline Whole Milk
  • Assorted Variety of cheeses
  • Farm Fresh Eggs
  • Maple Syrup
  • Fresh Seasonal Vegetables


Springhouse Creamery Operation:


Springhouse Creamery runs the LiLi-B as their main source of pasteurization. Springhouse Creamery processes 3,000lbs of milk per day on average. The LiLi-B processes the batches at 4 gallons per minute and takes around 3 hours to pasteurize the batch.

At Springhouse Creamery, they milk the cows in the morning and then the milk is pasteurized with the LiLi at a temperature of 164 degrees for 17 seconds. It is then sent into a bulk tank where is it cooled down to 37 degrees.

Once the milk has been chilled after pasteurization, it gets pumped across the room to a Bottle Filler Capper Machine where it is bottled into 1/2-gallon and quart-sized Stanpac Glass Bottles.

Springhouse Creamery also has a Cheese Vat and Cheese Presses that are used to further process the pasteurized milk into cheeses of numerous different flavor varieties.



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