COMPLETE Sheep/Nigerian Dwarf Goat Milking System - Milk 1-2 Sheep/Goats at a Time

  • Everything you need to milk your sheep! This all-inclusive equipment package includes all the necessary parts for a fast, efficient, and affordable milking system. Products have been selectively paired to meet your needs. Includes a Cleaning Package and an Udder Care Package. This package comes with a 1-year warranty. Click here to view warranty. Click here to view the bucket milker manual.                                                                                                                                                                 *All 1HP vacuum pumps are shipped freight. If you will need assistance unloading it from the truck you must select the 1 HP pump with liftgateIf you do not choose this option and require assistance on the day of delivery you will be responsible for the additional liftgate fees*


    • How many sheep will you have to milk at peak milking season? How many sheep would you like to milk at once? The COMPLETE Sheep Milking System package is equipped for milking two to four sheep at once. With a 1-Horsepower vacuum pump connected to one bucket, to milk two goats at once, or two buckets, to milk four goats at once. We include appropriate filters for each combination.

      Are you milking Sheep/Nigerian Dwarfs and large goats? Not a problem, we can mix and match your clusters. Note how many clusters you want of each when placing your order. 

    • This complete goat milking system includes:
      • Bucket of your choice: 35lb stainless steel bucket, 55lb stainless steel bucket, 65lb stainless steel bucket, plastic bucket (not FDA-approved), or plastic ECO bucket (FDA-approved)
      • Bucket Lid plus hoses and pulsator(s). Check out our Claw Comparison Guide to help you choose between the ITP 207 and Eco clusters.
      • 1HP Portable Vacuum Pump
      • Filtering Your Milk:  Milking Systems with 2 goats at once receive 2 In-Line Filters and 2 boxes of sock filters. Milk Systems with 4 goats at once receive a Lightweight Stainless Steel Strainer and filters.  If you are interested in In-Line Filters for milking 4 goats at once, call 1-844-770-2777 and we can make the necessary adjustments.
      • Equipment Cleaning Package (Includes 10 lb dairy equipment cleaner, long equipment brush, inflation bore brush, 5/8 milk hose cleaning kit, and a lightweight 13qt stainless steel pail.)
      • Udder Care Package (Includes: 1-gallon Iodine teat dip, Teat Wipes, Aluminum Strip Cup, and Teat Dip Cup)
      • Port Plugs are great to have on hand. They allow the milker to seamlessly switch to milk 1 goat at a time from a 2-goat bucket. A 5/8" Port Plug and Pulsator Port Plug are included for when you take away one of the two clusters on a bucket. 
      • 10 Quart Milk Tote This tote is great to have on hand, whether it is used daily or during shoulder seasons. 

      • This package generally ships in 3-4 packages. Some of the items in this package may ship freight. The shipping quote you see reflects a flat rate to any customer across the U.S. and Canada. For a personalized shipping quote call for details: 802-763-2777 or toll-free 1-844-770-2777. You may also email us at

      Read about how to use a bucket milker here!                      

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