Repair Package - MilkPlan Bulk Tank

Avoid dumping milk! 

It is rare that out MilkPlan Bulk Tanks fault, but if they do, you don't want to be without this package. One of these pieces might be the critical troubleshooting answer to the question "How do I fix my MilkPlan Bulk Tank?" or maybe "What is wrong with my MilkPlan Bulk Tank?" 

Included is the Temperature Probe. This typically needs to be replaced if there is a discrepancy between a manual product temperature reading and the digital display on the bulk tank.

Also, an 110-volt or 220-volt Controller is included (choose the proper voltage for your sized tank from the drop down menu). This is replaced if the display begins faulting, or shows other signs of getting water in the controller box. We have included the plastic brackets and silicone cover in the case that they are damaged during the swap of controllers. 

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