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Mini Pasteurizer - 3.5 Gallon Capacity


How to Make Yogurt in a Pasteurizer - from our supplier Milky Day!

Please note: This pasteurizer does not meet the requirements for Grade A use and is only intended for homestead personal use.

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  • You don’t need a lot of milk for this electric pasteurizer! Maximum capacity of 3.5 gallons and is perfect for your home tabletop. The minimum capacity of the Mini Pasteurizer Milky FJ 15 is 3 quarts. This making it a great size for the small goat herd pasteurization for a CAE prevention program or for processing milk for your family's consumption. 

    The 1.5 kW heater can warm the milk up to 168°F (76°C). Heating time from 39°F (4°C) to 168°F (76°C) taking no longer than 75 minutes. 

    This Mini pasteurizer has an electronic control panel. There you can easily set:

    1. Temperature. Pasteurizer will reach and hold the temperature you need. This is determined by the temperature of the water jacket. A second thermometer for the product is provided so that you can check on it along the way. 
    2. Time. Pasteurizer will hold necessary temperature as long as you need. When the set time is over the heater will switch off.

    There is water layer between heater and milk container. As a result, the milk will not burn inside and be wasted. This layer also allows for an effortless cool down of the milk! All you need is to put the inlet hose on the tap. Then just open the cold water and it will cool down the milk in a short time.

    This device has a removable milk container. So, it’s very easy to pour out the milk and clean it as well. You don’t need to lift the full unit.

    This cheese kettle is made of stainless steel 304. Ecological food is always on your table! You and your family DESERVE it!

    A chart with all of the different products you can make after pasteurizing dairy products.


    • Stainless Steel 304 construction
    • 110/120 Volt (can warm the milk up to 168°F. Heating time from 39°F to 168°F taking no longer than 7 minutes.)
    • Removable milk container. So, it’s very easy to pour out the milk and clean without lifting the full unit.
    • Minimum capacity of 3 quarts
    • Maximum capacity of 3.5 gallons.  
    • additional Product Thermometer included
    • Dimensions: 15"x15"x19" 
    • Weight: 15lbs

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