Clean-In-Place Jetter Washer for NuPulse Bucket Milker - Cow & Goat

This bucket washer ensures the safe and thorough cleaning of your NuPulse claw. It also saves you time!

This system makes cleaning your NuPulse complete bucket milker fast and simple, and is guaranteed not to damage any of the components. It works by pulsating cleaning solution throughout the system. All you need is a hook up to your vacuum pump and a water source. Works for one cow or two goats (please make selection).

  • This claw washer can be used with non-NuPulse claws! Have Surge, DeLaval, Westfalia, or something else? This claw washer will make cleaning your claw a breeze. Great for one or two bucket  milkers, for cows, goats or sheep. While the standard claw washer requires only washes the claw, this style washer hooks up at the "teat" end and pumps the wash solutions right into your bucket.

NuPulse Claw Washer Manual

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