Shells - Goats & Sheep

These standard shells fits our silicone liners. Find silicone liners Here! Designed for all goat and sheep breeds. The clear shell allows the milker a view of the milk flow and teat placement while in use. 

Choose between:

  • 63010 - Plastic DeLaval Style Goat Shell for use with 63015 Inflations (5 1/4 inches long)
  • 63529 - Plastic Goat Shell for Eco-Cluster Goat Units: Great for all goat breeds or large sheep (5 1/8 inches long)
  • 63028 - Plastic Sheep/Nigerian Dwarf/Pygmy Goat Shell for Eco-Cluster Sheep units (5 1/8 inches long)
  • 63153 - Clear Plastic Goat Shell for ITP 207 Units
  • 63155 - Clear Plastic Sheep/Nigerian Dwarf/Pygmy Goat ITO 207 Units
  • 10017 - Jet Flo Shell - for use with 63015 or 63020 style inflations

*This product may not be readily available at our VT location and may be direct shipped from our suppliers in PA upon processing. The supplying warehouse only ships via UPS no matter what option is chosen at check-out.

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