Portable Mini Vacuum Pump - 3/4 HP

This small, efficient 3/4 horsepower vacuum pump is an easy-to-use addition to your dairy. Its small footprint makes it easy to move from one area to the next. Plus, it requires NO OIL!

Additional Features:

  • Heavy duty electric motor.
  • Oil-less vacuum pump is mounted on a stainless steel moisture trap and vacuum reserve tank.
  • Adjustable regulator and vacuum gauge is direct coupled to the motor.
  • Motor has a 9ft three-prong wire power cord for 120 VAC operation.
  • Features two filters to collect dust and debris.
  • Recommended for up to 2 goats or 1 cow.  
  • Assembled weight is approx 75 lbs.
  • CFM Information: 15.8'' or vacuum: 4 CFM, 11.8'' of vacuum: 6 CFM, RECOMMENDED: 12.5'' of vacuum at 5.6 CFM.

View warranty.

View Printable Pamphlet for the Cleaning and Care of your 3/4 Vacuum Pump HERE

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