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HTST LiLi Pasteurizers

Allow us to introduce you to the LiLi.

This innovation in HTST pasteurization is poised to transform the capabilities of dairy processors, allowing them to offer pasteurized milk that is farm-fresh and full of flavor.
The Low-Input, Low Impact System (LiLi) is gentle on milk, resulting in a safe and delicious pasteurized product great for drinking on its own or transforming into other dairy products, including cheese, yogurt, ice cream and more!
The LiLi system pasteurizes completely without homogenizing, separating, or standardizing milk, maintaining its nutritional value and deliciously fresh flavor.

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  • Compact Design to fit in a standard doorway
  • Automated Clean-In-Place wash system
  • Requires minimal monitoring while in use
  • Require minimal training to operate


  • Simplifies maintenance and future upgrades
  • Requires water, power, and air supplies. No additional heating or cooling source required.
  • Pasteurizes in-line, removing batch size limits.


  • Minimal and consistent heat intervention, preserving milk flavor and nutritional value
  • Regenerative heating returns 85% of process heat to incoming product for highly efficient operation and reduced energy use
  • Gentle pumping action does not damage flavor or consistency of milk.


"My goal with the LiLi was to expand the opportunity for micro-dairy farmers to produce and sell fresh milk and other dairy products locally. I believe the high quality product made possible by the LiLi is the key to expanding the availability of locally produced milk." ~Steve Judge


 See the LiLi-A in action. Watch the video! Our LiLi-B is installed at Norwich Farms. Watch the video!

The LiLi, created in Vermont, is manufactured for Bob-White Systems by Bruns Bros. of Gray, Maine. 

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