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HTST Pasteurizers

Bob-White Systems' LiLi: Low-Input, Low-Impact Pasteurizer:

"A Revolutionary Development for Artisan Dairy Food Producers"

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The Bob-White Systems LiLi is poised to transform the capabilities of dairy food producers, allowing them to produce and sell pasteurized milk that is farm-fresh and full of flavor.The Low Input – Low Impact (LiLi) system is gentle on milk, resulting in a safe and delicious pasteurized product that can be sold on its own or used in various dairy products. The LiLi pasteurizes completely without homogenizing, separating or standardizing milk, maintaining its nutritional value and deliciously fresh flavor.

The Bob-White Systems LiLi is compact and easy to use. The LiLi pasteurization system requires five hookups—240 VAC input, a standard 120 Volt 20 amp circuit, water, raw milk input, and a drain. The semi-automated cleaning provision makes the full system preparation and cleaning incredibly easy, saving you valuable time.

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Key Features

Ease of Use:

  • Compact- the pastuerizer is 27"x5'6"x6.6' and weighs approx. 1,100 lbs.
  • Automated "Clean-in-Place" System
  • Requires very little monitoring while in use
  • Minimal training is required

Standardized Modular Construction:

  • Modular Construction – simplifies maintenance and future upgrades
  • Requires a two gallon per minute water supply, a standard 120 volt outlet and a 50 amp 240 volt power supply. No additional infrastructure or external heat source required.
  • Inline pasteurization at two gallons per minute

Gentle Treatment of Milk:

  • Minimal and Consistent Heat Intervention – preserves milk's flavor and nutritional value
  • Regenerative Heating – returns 85% of process heat for a highly efficient operation
  • Gentle Pumping Action – does not damage flavor or consistency of milk

The LiLi, created in Vermont, is manufactured for Bob-White Systems by Bruns Bros. of Gray, Maine. To learn more about the LiLi Pasteurizer, email: or call 802-763-2777. Receive regular updates on the LiLi Pasteurizer and Bob-White Systems on Facebook:


Why Milk Pasteurization--and why the LiLi Pasteurizer?

Bob-White Systems Founder Steve Judge explains:

"My goal with the LiLi was to expand the opportunity for Micro Dairy farmers to produce and sell fresh milk and other farm fresh dairy products locally. I believed and still believe that the minimal damage done to milk by properly-done HTST pasteurization is a worthwhile compromise if it also expands the availability of locally produced farm fresh milk." Read more.



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