BioPryn Pregnancy Detection for Cows and Sheep/Goats

Looking for an convenient way to confirm pregnancy in your cow, goat or sheep? 

If using a milk sample from your animal is not an option for you, try our new early pregnancy detection blood tests. Great for first calf/kid animals or beef animals. 

The animal must be 30 days post breeding.

This kit comes with everything you need to draw a blood sample from your animals and then send it to a BioPryn testing facility.

Sheep/Goat kit comes with 6 sample vials.

Cow kit comes with 10 sample vials.

The cost of the kit INCLUDES the actual testing, so no additional charges once you purchase the blood kit!!!


Please call the Laboratory with any questions (802) 763-7593

Please note: Our laboratory is not a BioPryn lab, but the kit comes with a map/list of locations you can send your samples to. 




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