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60 gallon Vat Pasteurizer

This small-scale vat pasteurizer is the perfect solution for an up and coming dairy to produce pasteurized milk, cheeses, and yogurt. With a built-in heating element, you can simply turn the dial to set the temperature and walk away! Grade A approved, complete with leak detect valve, air space heater and thermometer, and chart recorder. Get yours today!

Printable Specs & Features Sheet

  • The Vat Pasteurizer (60 Gallon) Features:

    • 7" power cord with equipment leakage current interrupter.
    • Fuse protection with class 3AG/3AB Glass or Ceramic fuses.
    • Main power indicator light on the North Shore Safety Ltd. line guard.
    • Protective rubber boots over switch.
    • Precision temperature control and adjustable from front panel of recorder.
    • Accurate product temperature recording with Anderson 12" chart recorder 90° to 190° F.
    • Accurate air-space temperature recorded on same disc as product.
    • Product: Anderson Temperature Transmitting Thermometer 16" long.
    • Air Space: Anderson Temperature Transmitting Thermometer 5" long.
    • Air Space fan to reduce hot and cold spots in the air space.
    • Thermometer bracket for safe and easy storing.
    • Air Space fan holder for safe and easy storing.
    • Chart recorder is in 0.1° F increments.
    • Thermometers are in 0.1° F increments.
    • Variable speed fully enclosed mixer motor with built in circuit breaker.
    • Flat stainless steel paddle for better product mixing.
    • One piece insulated lid 2" thick for better air space temperature control.
    • Air-Space Heater.
    • State of the art relays for millions of cycles.
    • Liquid deflection boot over mixer access tube.
    • 60 gallon capacity stainless steel product tank.
    • Pitched bottom 1/2" per foot.
    • Rear Leg Extender for complete drainage.
    • Quick disassembly of leak-detect valve for ease of cleaning.
    • 24" under drain valve to retrieve product. (less product handling)
    • Garden type connections on both inlet and outlet side of water jacket.
    • Water expansion discharge tube.
    • 100 pieces of chart recorder paper.
    • Complete set of fuses (4).
  • 60 Gallon


    • 29 3/8” Diameter Tank
    • 45” High
    • 220 Pounds Empty


    •  All stainless steel Double Jacket
    • 60 Gallon Maximum Capacity
    • 28 Gallon Minimum Capacity


    •  11,500 W Product Immersion Heater
    • 250 W Air Space Heater

    Power Requirements

    • 220 Volts Single Phase 40 Amp
  • PLEASE NOTE: This item often requires 4-6 week build time. Not available for In-Store Pick-Up.

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