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Basket Molds (Fresh Cheese Pots)

Hate using cheesecloth to drain your fresh cheeses? Try one of these simple Fresh Cheese Pots! This all-in-one system cleans up easily, won't impart any unwanted flavors to your delicate fresh cheeses, and allow for easy draining and storage. Each mold includes three parts: a mold, a basket insert, and a top. 

These molds are distinct from our other "fresh cheese" molds in two ways: first, they are made of a thinner plastic. Second, they offer very rapid draining through the many slits along the sides and base.

These molds are great for making ricotta, as well as for making fresh and/or fresh-ripened cheeses; you will notice faster rind development due to increased surface texture as a result of the basket pattern. This sort of mold is typically used in France for making "Faisselle," a very fresh, tangy cheese that is perfect for breakfast, hors d'oeuvre, or dessert.  Just spoon in your fresh lactic-style curds and pour out the whey every so often as it drains through.  Pop on the lid and refrigerate for a couple hours before enjoying, continuing to pour off the whey as needed. Sprinkle with salt as desired.

Available in two sizes: 
Medium -  top 4-1/2" x 3-1/2" height x 2-3/4" base
Large - top 9" x 5" height x 4-3/4" base

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