Cheese Wax – Natural

Sold in varying packages at about 2 lbs. and about 6 sheets of wax per package.

Waxing your cheese prevents air from contacting the surface of your cheese, which prevents unwanted bacterias. Waxing offers protection for your cheese during the aging process.

Instructions on how to wax your cheeses:

  1. Prepare the cheese using a fine cloth dipped in a brine solution ( 1tsp salt, 1 cup water) to eliminate any mold on the surface. Before waxing, the surface of the cheese should be firm, smooth and without mold.
  2. Use a small pot to boil about 2" of water.  
  3. Using a steel can (recycled soup can, bean can, etc.) put several chunks of wax in the can and place can in boiling water.  
  4. Get the wax as hot as possible, this will help kill unwanted bacteria and seal up the cheese.
  5. Start to brush the wax over the cheese using a natural boar bristle brush. Apply repeated thin layers of wax (this provides a better result that applying only a few thick layers). Make sure to apply the wax evenly over the entire surface, making sure not to leave any air holes.
If you don't have a wax brush, another method of applying wax to cheese is to heat up a larger quantity of wax, and then dip one half of the cheese into the wax.  Let the wax cool before dipping the other half in the wax. Repeat this process several times until you have a nice coating.

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