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Steven Judge

Steven A. Judge of Royalton, Vermont has been involved with the dairy industry for 45 years as a farm hand, farm owner, farm manger and marketing entrepreneur.  He has spent the past 25 years working to protect and revive New England’s dairy industry and working landscape.  While living in Western Massachusetts on a 100 acre hillside farm he and his wife Wendy purchased in 1976, Steve served as the Franklin County Regional Planning Agency’s Farm and Forest Land Use Planner and co-founded the Franklin Land Trust, headquartered in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts.

Steve, Wendy, and their four children sold their small farm in Western Massachusetts in 1988 and purchased a 300 acre dairy farm in Shoreham, Vermont where they milked up to 90 Jersey cows.  In 1991 Steve founded Vermont Milk Producers Inc and created the Vermont Family Farms brand of fluid milk. Vermont Family Farms was the first “super premium” milk marketed in the northeastern United States.   It was produced by a small, select group of Vermont family farms who all equally owned the brand and were paid significantly more for their milk than those in commercial dairy production.  Notably, Vermont Family Farms was the first and last certified pure Vermont milk to be sold outside of Vermont.  In 2000 Vermont Milk Producers Inc. sold the Vermont Family Farms brand to a major Vermont dairy coop and disbanded. While in Shoreham, Steve also managed the Shoreham Cooperative Apple Producers Association and, for several years, sat on the board of a Vermont Dairy Coop.

In 2001 Steve and wife purchased and brought back to life an abandoned 40 acre farm in Royalton, Vermont where they now live and milk four Jersey cows.  Since moving to Royalton, Steve managed a 300-member organic and natural foods coop in Randolph, Vermont for two years and briefly managed the Woodstock Water Buffalo Farm.  He founded Bob-White Systems in 2006.  Bob-White Systems provides micro dairy and cheese making supplies, equipment, and support for the farmstead, homestead, and small-scale production of local and farm fresh milk and cheese.



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