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Bob-White Systems Dairy and Food Testing Lab News Release

Bob-White Systems Opens Vermont’s Only Private Multipurpose Dairy and Food Testing Lab


Bob-White Systems Lab will provide complete milk testing services for dairy farmers including raw milk producers, cheese and dairy food producers and processors. 


South Royalton, VT — Bob-White Systems, leader in the Micro Dairy and Cheesemaking industry, announces the opening of a new state-of-the art laboratory for dairy farmers: the Bob-White Systems Dairy and Food Testing Lab. The facility is scheduled to open on February 18. “It is the only private milk and food testing facility in the northeast that primarily services dairy farmers and dairy food producers and processors,” said Bob-White Systems President Steve Judge. “And it is conveniently located in central Vermont, right off of Interstate 89 at Exit 3 in Royalton.”

The Bob-White Systems Dairy and Food Testing Lab will provide a full range of testing services to the region's dairy industry including dairy farmers, raw milk producers, cheesemakers and other dairy-food producers. 


Services will include:Bob White Systems Dairy and Food Testing Lab

·         Bacteriological testing

·         Coliform testing for, milk and water

·         Milk component analysis

·         Antibiotic residue testing

·         Somatic cell testing

·         Environmental testing

·         ALP (pasteurization effectiveness) testing



For Information on the new lab, contact:
Nick Zigelbaum,, 802-763-7593
Steve Judge,, 802-763-2777

About Bob-White Systems

Bob-White Systems is bringing the cows back home by creating the technology, manufacturing the equipment, and generating the knowledge for the local, farmstead, and homestead production of pure, farm fresh milk and cheese. Located in South Royalton, Vermont, Bob-White Systems is committed to making it possible for every small or rural community to enjoy safe, fresh, and delicious milk and cheese produced by local, micro dairy farms. By designing, equipping, and helping to manage small micro dairy operations, Bob-White Systems reduces dairy start-up and operating costs, helps farmers enjoy more profits and enables communities to produce and purchase their own local milk. More information is available at Receive up-to-date information online at Twitter: @FarmsteadDairy andonFacebook: FarmsteadDairy.



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