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Bob-White Systems Names Former Cheesemaker and Goatherder Jana Koschak as New Dairy & Food Lab Technician

South Royalton, VT – Bob-White Systems, Inc., which supplies equipment, technology and resources for the emerging Micro Dairy market, has hired Jana Koschak, former cheesemaker, researcher and goatherder, as its new Dairy & Food Lab Technician. Koschak’s diverse background in food and farming coupled with her passion for supporting Vermont’s small dairy industry will help expand the services Bob-White Systems offers to regional Micro Dairies.

“I am thrilled to be able to use my knowledge of the small dairy industry in this exciting new capacity,” said Koschak.  “Since there is currently no independent, accredited lab in the state, I think Bob-White Systems is gearing up to provide a much needed service to the region’s small dairy farmers and processors.  We are currently working towards state-certification—a necessary step in providing accredited results for milk producers—and aim to couple efficiency with the personal service that comes with being a small laboratory.”

Koschak has a degree in Business Administration from Texas Tech University and a certificate from Penn State University in the Art and Science of Cheesemaking. Prior to joining the Bob-White Systems team, Koschak worked as a goatherder for 35 alpine does and as an artisanal cheesemaker at award-winning Twig Farm in Cornwall, Vermont. She also spent several years working on an organic vegetable farm in Pennsylvania. Koschak currently serves as a researcher for The Greenhorns, a grassroots organization that works to promote, recruit and support new farmers in America. Koschak is happy to be working to support Vermont’s farmstead dairy industry and looks forward to having her own small herd one day.

To help dairy producers and cheesemakers meet the stringent regulations outlined by the Vermont Legislature, Bob-White Systems’ lab offers testing of raw and pasteurized milk and milk products. Koschak will oversee the following lab assessments:

  • Bacteriological testing (including Standard Plate Count and Staphylococcus)

  • Coliform testing

  • Somatic cell count

  • Milk component analysis

  • Finished product testing

  • Antibiotic residue testing        


About Bob-White Systems

Bob-White Systems provides innovative equipment, supplies, technology and resources for the local production of safe, farm-fresh dairy products. Bob-White Systems introduced the Low Input-Low Impact (LiLi) revolutionary pasteurizer. The LiLi allows dairy farms, artisan cheesemakers, dairy food producers and commercial dairy processors to easily and legally pasteurize milk for the onsite production of safe, fresh and delicious fluid milk and milk products. These products can then be sold directly to retail customers or through local stores. Bob-White Systems also provides farmstead dairy consulting services and affordable small-scale dairy equipment, including bulk tanks, portable milking equipment, dairy and cheesemaking supplies for Micro Dairies milking cows, sheep, goats, and even water buffalo. To learn more about the company, visit them online at and, on Facebook at and on Twitter @FarmsteadDairy, or call 802-763-2777.



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