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Cheddar Recipe


1: Clean and sanitize all equipment and work area.

2: Heat milk to 90⁰ F, pH should be at 6.5-6.7.

3: Sprinkle culture on top of milk and let rehydrate for 3-5 minutes. Then stir into the milk for 2-5 minutes.

4: Let culture sit for 60-90 minutes, maintaining a temperature of 90⁰ F.

5: Add diluted Calcium Chloride solution.

6: Stir in rennet using an up and down motion for 1 minute. Calm milk and let sit for 30-40 minutes or until the curd has a clean break maintaining a temperature of 90⁰ F.

7: Cut the curd into 1/4-1/2 inch cubes. Let curd sit for 5 minutes.

8: Gently stir curd and raise the temperature to 102⁰ F over a period of 30 minutes (don't cook too fast). Continue to stir for good heat distribution. Speed up stirring as curd firms up.  

9: Continue to stir for another 30 minutes, maintaining the temperature of 102⁰F.

10: Drain whey and allow curd to settle. Turn off stove and keep curds at 90⁰ F.

11: Turn curd every 20 minutes for 1-2 hours or until pH reaches 5.4.

12: Cut up curds and salt. Add the salt in several applications. Stir curds well after each application of salt 2-3 minutes.

13: Place curds in a form and apply pressure to create a block of cheese. Curds can be consumed fresh.

Aging (Optional): Coat with wax and store in environment temperature ranging 45-55⁰F. 

 Helpful Hints and Definitions:

  • Clean Break: To test for a clean break insert index finger or knife into the curd about 2 inches at a 45 degree angle. Pull up and forward gently. Look for smooth edges where the curd breaks away and a yellow/green color whey. If edges of the curd are jagged and whey is white it will need to sit longer.
  • How to wax cheese for aging: Bring wax up to as high a temperature as possible. Brush wax on cheese in many layers, being sure not to leave any air holes. This will make it easier to hold the cheese while waxing. The benefits of waxing the cheese is that it help retain the moisture inside.


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