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How to Make Cheese at Home with Bob-White Systems Cheese Kits Press Release

Bob-White Systems Taps Into Decades of Hands-on Cheesemaking & Dairy-Industry Experience with New Cheese Kits for the Home Cook


South Royalton, VT—For the past 45 years, Bob-White Systems founder and CEO Steven Judge has worked as a dairy-farm hand, farm owner, farm manager, and farm consultant.  He has run small and large dairies across New England and gained an encyclopedic knowledge of how to raise cows for milk.  Recently, he has noticed a resurgence of do-it-yourselfers within the food community interested in taking control of their food supply.  These folks are establishing small homesteads or Micro Dairies, growing their own food, baking their own bread, smoking their own bacon, and canning.  Many also want to learn how to make cheese at home.

Wanting to meet the needs of this growing DIY community, Steve harnessed his knowledge and introduced a line of cheesemaking kits for the home cook.  He partnered with experienced cheesemaker and Bob-White Systems employee Ryen Leach, who designed the kits and developed the cheese recipes.  “We are a company of dairy farmers and cheesemakers,” says Steve. “I still milk cows every day, and so does Ryen.  We both know how satisfying it is to grow our own food and to drink milk from our own cows.  The cheesemaking kits are meant to reconnect customers with the land and to help them experience a taste of the Vermont farm life right in their own kitchens.”

Think cows lumbering outside the kitchen window, sweet farm-fresh milk topped with cream and knowing where your food comes from.  Bob-White Systems wants to help customers reclaim their kitchens and reconnect with pure, local and homemade food.  Ryen, who previously created farmstead cheeses at Prodigal Farms in North Carolina, adds: “Our kits are designed to be easy and educational and to encourage anyone with a source of fresh local milk and a do-it-yourself attitude to be able to make cheese at home.”

The company will introduce eight to ten kits for homemade cheese over the course of this year that can be used with milk from cows, sheep, goats or water buffalo.  Steve and Ryen have carefully chosen three basic cheeses—Mozzarella & Ricotta, Feta and fresh Chèvre—as the first three kits available for sale on their website.  They will introduce a Gouda and Cheddar kit later this year. In addition, they offer all of the supplies needed to make cheese at home including cheese clothes, drying racks, cheese molds, cheese presses, and books that feature a variety of cheese recipes.

“Bob-White Systems’ kits deliver what no other at-home cheesemaking kit can,” says Steve. “They come straight from the hands of experienced farmers and cheesemakers.  We share our knowledge with our customers via these kits so that they, too, can experience the simple satisfaction of making cheese at home.”  Look for more cheese kits to be introduced throughout this year available online at



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