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Clean-In-Place Claw Washer Manual for Cows & Goats

These instructions are for the pre-assembled Clean-In-Place (CIP) Bucket Unit Washers for cleaning both the NuPulse Standard Cow Milker and Goat Milker.
When using a Standard Cow Milk-er or two Goat Milkers, the CIP Unit will allow you to wash your milker unit(s) for approximately 2-1/2 minutes with 2 gallons of wash wa-ter per CIP Unit.
Installation Instructions
Choose your location where washing will take place. When mounting the CIP Unit on the wall or structure, make sure to position it at a height that will allow the milk-er(s) to reach the CIP Unit from the floor or platform which it will be sitting on, such as a wagon or cart.
Using the stainless steel plate provided, position plate over blue ‘L’ hanger. Screw, lag or bolt to your mounting location. (Note mounting hardware is not included.)
Route the weighted end of 5/8” clear plastic tubing from the CIP Unit to the lowest point of wash sink or container.
There is 9 feet of tubing provided, but you may need to shorten the length for your installation. Do so by remov-ing the red restrictor plug and weight and cut to desired length. Replace both plug and weight in end of tubing.
On Goat CIP Units, we supply two support hoses for washing two goat units at one time. A Jetter Jet Cover is supplied to block off two jets if you are washing only one Goat milker. This will prevent a vacuum leak on those two unused jets.
Getting Started
To start using the CIP Unit, you must first set up the vacuum pump and assemble the milker(s) and bucket unit.
Place the NuPulse milker onto the four white jetter jets by pushing an inflation or liner onto each jet with a twisting back-and-forth mo-tion. Next remove the black wash plug on the side of the milker and insert the black jetter hose with adapter to that entry.
Because the NuPulse Cow milker is weighted evenly, it should hang lev-el from the CIP Unit for an even washing.
The weight of the NuPulse Goat milker, however, is not as evenly distributed. The weight of the milk hose makes the Goat milker tip down to one side and cannot wash the milker properly.
We have included a small clear support hose with grom-met on the CIP Goat Unit which must be used to support the Goat milker and keep it level for proper and even cleaning.
Washing Operation
Fill your sink or container with your wash solution. Then turn on your vacuum pump and open the shutoff valve to the milker. The wash water solution will be drawn up the clear pickup hose. During the wash, the NuPulse milker should be pulsating and you should see a good surging cleaning ac-tion in the bowl and middle of the milker.
Once all the wash water solution is sucked out of the sink or container you can shut off the vacuum pump and empty the bucket.
See the pamphlet titled “Cleaning & Care of Your Milker” for other care and cleaning tips.
When washing your milker(s), it’s very important to have enough washing action to clean the milker(s) thor-oughly and properly. This is achieved by allowing water to be drawn through the milker at a certain rate which will ensure the necessary amount of washing time.
The red restrictor plug is drilled with a 9/32” hole, which is the size hole tested that will restrict flow and allow the proper amount of water to pass through the pickup line. It is possible to increase the hole size, but it would be less re-strictive and would allow more water into the units. This will shorten the cleaning action time of the milker(s).
A steel weight (4.5 oz) is used to keep the pickup hose weighted down in the bottom of your bucket or sink.



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