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Dairy Lab FDA Certification Press Release

Bob-White Systems’ Private Multi-Purpose Dairy & Food Testing Lab Receives FDA Certification

First and Only Private FDA-Certified Lab in Vermont to Offer Tier 2 Raw Milk and Other Bacteriological Testing to the Region’s Dairy Farmers


Royalton, VT – July, 2014 – Bob-White Systems, a Vermont company servicing the growing micro-dairy and cheesemaking industries, received FDA certification in July for its Multi-Purpose Dairy & Food Testing Lab. Bob-White Systems now operates the only private, FDA-Certified lab in Vermont to service the region’s dairy farmers, raw milk producers, cheesemakers and dairy processors.

"With FDA certification, Bob-White System's Lab is now the only private lab in Vermont which can provide testing for Tier II raw milk producers,” says Nick Zigelbaum, the Lab Director (pictured below with Lab Assistant, Laurel Bicknell). “Certification, combined with our convenient location in central Vermont right off Interstate 89, our hands-on dairy experience and excellent customer-service record, will make testing more accessible to the region's farmers. This will encourage expansion of sales of safe, raw milk throughout the state."



The Dairy & Food Testing Lab opened in the winter of 2013, and the FDA-certification process took about four months to complete. It involved upgrades to the lab equipment, personnel training and establishing records-keeping and procedures for testing.

The Bob-White Systems Dairy and Food Testing Lab will provide a full range of testing services to the region's dairy industry including dairy (cow, sheep and goat) farmers, raw milk producers, cheesemakers and other dairy-food producers. 

Services and Tests include:

  • FDA-Certified Tier 2 Raw Milk Testing (including Total Bacteria, Coliform and Somatic Cell Count and Antibiotic Residue Tests).
  • Milk Pregnancy Checks
  • Johne’s Disease and Leucosis Testing
  • E-Coli and Staph Testing
  • Bacteriological Testing
  • Coliform Testing for Milk
  • Milk Component Analysis
  • Antibiotic Residue Testing
  • Somatic Cell Testing
  • ALP (Pasteurization Effectiveness) Testing

About Bob-White Systems

Bob-White Systems provides innovative equipment, supplies, technology and resources for the local production of safe, farm-fresh dairy products. Bob-White Systems, creators of the LiLi pasteurizer, provides farmstead dairy consulting services and affordable small-scale dairy equipment including bulk tanks, portable milking equipment, dairy and cheese making supplies for Micro Dairies milking cows, sheep, goats and even water buffalo. Inspired by the Slow Food movement, Bob-White Systems supports local, farmstead dairy farmers across the country and aims to increase the availability of locally-produced, safe and delicious farm-fresh milk, cheese and yogurt.  To learn more about the company, visit them online at and, on Facebook at and on Twitter @FarmsteadDairy. 




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