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WHO is Bob White?

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As the traditional links between commercial dairy farms, their customers, and communities have been lost, Bob-White Systems is helping micro dairy farms create and manage dairy operations that are sustainable, low impact, and fully integrated with their communities. Visit our Media Center to learn more, and stay in touch with us on:

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What is a Farmstead Dairy, Micro Dairy, or Homestead Dairy?

They are all similar names for small-scale dairy farms (under six cows) which promote sustainable agriculture benefiting the slow food and localvore movements. Humane cow care and on-the-farm production and pasteurization of 50 gallons or less of milk sold directly from the farm are the signatures of these small, “mini” dairy farms. Time efficiency, safety, and the superior quality of milk are also favorable attributes of small scale dairy farming. Let Bob-White Systems help guide your way to bringing the cows back home with farm fresh milk production.

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Our affordable pasteurizers and milking equipment make micro dairy farming economical and efficient. Our goal is to reduce start-up and operating costs and help farmers enjoy more profits. Learn about our milk pasteurization equipment and the Bob-White System. We strive to offer the very best prices and service!!!

Set Up Your Own Micro Dairy

Who can run a micro dairy? What does it take to make it successful? We can answer those questions and help you get started with your own localvore milk production. We don’t just sell the equipment; we also offer micro dairy farm consulting services for both raw milk producers and those looking to pasteurize milk right on the farm.


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