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Backyard Milk

Delicious Farm Fresh Milk

The production of safe and delicious farm fresh milk can now come from your own backyard. Today many families are creating sustainable lifestyles at their homes and on their farmsteads by preserving foods, growing gardens, making cheeses, raising chickens and much more. This "Do It Yourself" movement can now take a giant step into the world of dairy. Bob-White Systems is working with and helping families and small farmers all over the United Sates who desire to make having their very own small farmstead dairy a reality. Our equipment and know-how will help you create the foundation for your farm and the path to providing your family and neighbors with safe and delicious farm fresh milk.

What Type of Milk?:

The Basic Family Single Cow Farm: 

 One Jersey cow will produce roughly 5 gallons a day 10 months out of the year. This amount of raw milk can provide a family with plenty for consumption and further processing into cheese, yogurt, and more. If regulated and inspected one could also sell excess products for a supplemental income. One cow is content on 1.5-2 acres of pasture depending on climate and growing conditions. Their diet can be supplemented with grain and hay. 

The Basic Family Small Goat Farm:

 One Goat will produce roughly 3 quarts of milk a day 10 months out of the year. This amount of raw milk can provide a family with plenty for consumption and further processing into cheese, yogurt, and more. Goats are social animals and content when in a herd of one or more other goats. Goats are great for clearing overgrown pastures and wooded areas. Their diets can be supplemented with grain and hay.

Farming to Produce an Additional Income:

 A Four Cow Model Regulated Micro Dairy:

 All dairies selling product must follow the regulations of the state they are in. An average micro dairy farm of four pasture grazing and relaxed cows can easily produce 20 gallons of milk a day – enough to supply 60 average families. Many Vermont raw milk producers sell their farm fresh milk between $6 - $8 per gallon. To average, if a micro dairy farmer can sell milk at $7, they can turn a profit of $3.60 per gallon. Approximately half of this revenue would go towards production costs while the other half could make an estimated $20,000 annual income. 


Bob-White Systems wants to encourage the growth of small farmers nationwide and help bring the cows back home.

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 Recommendations for what you need to start up your Micro Dairy.

  • 3/4 HP- 2 HP Portable Vacuum Pump  

When choosing a vacuum pump it is useful to know the number of bucket milkers being used at a time. The 3/4 hp optimally runs when using one bucket milker. The 1-1.2 hp vacuum pumps will operate up to two bucket milkers at a time. The 2 hp vacuum pump will operate up to four bucket milkers.

There is the option of a 3/4 hp oil-less vacuum pump.

  • Bucket Milker  For Cows, Goats or Sheep (Poly Buckets or Stainless Buckets available)

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right bucket. If milking a cow it is helpful to know how much their maximum production is. The 35lb bucket can create a mess if filling over 3/4 of the way. If milking goats or sheep there is the option to milk two at a time into one bucket. It is also helpful to know their maximum production in order to determine how many to milk before dumping the bucket to eliminate overflow.

There is also an option for a 60lb Poly Bucket. It allows you to see the amount of milk inside.

  • Milkplan Bulk Tanks: 15, 30, 60, and 80 Gallons

When choosing what size bulk tank to get it is helpful to know the maximum production per milking. The Milkplan bulk tanks are a four milking design. This means that they optimally function and bring the milk down to temperature when they are filled in 1/4 their capacity increments. Example: When milking four jerseys that collectively produce 10 gallons per milking (at their peak), a 30 gallon bulk tank would be a good choice. It would allow the milk to stay in the bulk tank up to a day and a half.

There are also on occasions Nieros Bulk tanks available.

  •  Stainless Steel 13QT Milk Pail w/Cover


A handy accessory to have in any dairy. This heavy duty stainless steel will be durable in the dairy or is great to used for cleaning and sterilizing equipment.



  •  Stainless Steel Strainer 

There are many options for straining and filtering milk. Depending on the style desired there are several option to choose from.

For bucket milkers the in-line strainer is very efficient.


  • Stainless Steel Milk Totes


Milk totes are an option for transporting, cooling, and/or selling milk etc. They are designed to keep milk safe and fresh. They also come in a variety of sizes, 2 quarts to 5 gallons.


Bob-White Systems also carries a full line processing equipment. Everything from Bottle Filler/Cappers to Cheese Making equipment.

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