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HTST vs. Vat Pasteurization

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Comparative Nutritional Analysis Summary:

HTST “LiLi Pasteurizers” by Bob-White Systems


We here at Bob-White Systems, Inc. have been extremely pleased with the performance of our Low-Input, Low-Impact Pasteurizers (LiLi). Both models do an excellent job of eliminating the harmful bacteria in milk, regardless of the bacteria levels found in the raw milk and have absolutely no negative impact on the milk's flavor. In addition, the texture of the cream and the ability to utilize the milk for yogurt, butter and other dairy products is unaltered.


There are many claims and counter claims made within the dairy community regarding the impact of pasteurization on the nutritional value of milk. We decided it was time to learn the facts. In June of 2010, we sent samples of our milk, both raw and pasteurized (from the same batch), to a highly accredited food lab for full nutritional analysis. The lab tested each sample for over 50 individual nutrients. The results were remarkable.


The only statistically relevant nutrient losses or gains in our pasteurized sample (we actually saw slight increases in vitamins D and C in our pasteurized sample) were Lactic Acid Organisms and Vitamin B-12. The lactic acid organisms help with human digestion. Pasteurization did cause a significant loss of this nutrient in our samples but it was not eliminated. The loss of vitamin B-12 was approximately 50% but still enough remained to supply 40% of a person’s daily recommended allowance or RDA. That's not a bad trade-off for dairy farmers who would like to have the ability to offer their customers either raw or pasteurized farm fresh milk.




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