LiLi Pasteurizer Passes State of VT Inspection & Receives Favorable FDA Review—Now Approved for Use in All 50 States

Revolutionary Pasteurizer Operates at Tightest Temperature Tolerances, Making Legal, Onsite Production of Value-Added Dairy Products Possible for Farmers and Dairy-Food Producers

South Royalton, Vermont—The LiLi pasteurizer, Bob-White Systems’ Low Input-Low Impact continuous-flow HTST pasteurizer, has passed rigorous inspections by the State of Vermont and received a favorable review from the Food & Drug Administration and is in full compliance with all pertinent regulations, including the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO). The machine is now approved for legal use in all 50 states, pending local, routine inspections.

This is a boon to the local production of safe and delicious milk and dairy products. The LiLi operates at such fine temperature tolerances that the milk is minimally processed and maintains its nutritional value and delicious, farm-fresh taste. “We pasteurize at between 163 and 165 degrees and hold that temperature consistently to within one degree,” says Bob-White Systems founder, Steven Judge, one of the chief designers of the LiLi pasteurizer. “The LiLi operates so dependably and at such consistent temperatures that the milk is not diverted and reheated during the pasteurization process, which protects the overall quality of the milk.” This means a superior end product that will make better-tasting milk, cheese, yogurt, and other value-added dairy products. LiLi milk is the closest possible thing to farm-fresh, raw milk.

The LiLi pasteurizer offers farmers and dairy-food producers the added benefit of being easy to use. “It is so easy to use, it is almost boring,” says Judge. “The LiLi pasteurizer is truly low input and low impact. It requires very little energy, time and resources to set up. It ships pre-assembled and requires almost no maintenance during use. The best part is that it does the same job as other small HTST pasteurizers and delivers a better-tasting end product.” Here is some more information about the LiLi:

  • Low Impact Continuous heating process has a low impact on the nutritional value and flavor of the milk. A gentle pumping action further preserves milk’s creamy, rich taste and consistency.
  • Legal The LiLi pasteurizer is in full compliance with the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance. This means that dairies and dairy-food producers of all sizes can easily and legally pasteurize milk on site.
  • Efficient Inline system pasteurizes milk at a rate of two gallons per minute—much faster, and using much less energy, than traditional vat pasteurizers. Revolutionary, regenerative heating process returns 85% of process heat, making the LiLi the most efficient small-scale pasteurizer on the market.
  • Standard, Modular Construction Requires only 5 hookups – 240 VAC input, standard 120-volt amp circuit, water, raw milk input, and a drain. No additional infrastructure or external heat source required. Compact size (approximate 6-foot square design) makes it easy to use and install. In addition, the LiLi has an automated “Clean-in-Place” System. The machine requires minimal training or operator input during use.                                                                

The LiLi pasteurizer is a huge labor and time saver compared to vat pasteurization. The on-board sanitizing and self-cleaning technology virtually eliminates time-consuming prep and cleanup. More importantly, the LiLi opens up new income streams for dairy farmers, groups of dairy farmers and others who wish to produce and sell value-added dairy products locally. “The LiLi has the potential to make locally-produced, safe and delicious farm-fresh milk and other dairy products readily available again,” adds Judge.

The LiLi pasteurizer is available at a significantly lower price than comparable machines--$77,500 (depending on upgrades, installation costs, and accessories). The LiLi-A processes fluid milk at a rate of 2 gallons per minute.

ALSO NOW AVAILABLE! The LiLi-B Pasteurizer! The LiLi-B is available for $105,900 (depending on upgrades, installation costs, and accessories). The LiLi-B machine processes fluid milk at a rate of 4 gallons per minute and is also able to process thicker viscosity fluids, such as chocolate milk & ice cream mixes as well.

The LiLi can be used hand-in-hand with a number of Bob-White Systems products, including small-scale Bulk Tanks, Automatic Bottle Filler-Cappers, and the Stainless Steel Butter Churn. To request information or place an order, contact us via email at info@bobwhitesystems.com or call 802-763-2777.

LiLi Pasteurizer Images, with captions (left to right)

Main control box with chart recorder, indicating thermometer and switches; side view showing inlet and outlet hoses and timing loop (coil); three-quarter view of LiLi pasteurizer, showing the chart recorder and controls.