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Meet Bob-White Systems!

Equipment Videos:

HTST Pasteurizer: LiLi-A

HTST Pasteurizer: LiLi-B

Milkplan Bulk Tanks

Bulk Tank Cleaning

Milkplan Transport Tanks

Clean-In-Place for Transport Tanks

Bucket Milker System with Vacuum Pump

Milking a Cow with a Bucket Milker

Using a Wonder Clamp

Milking Process Videos: 

Bob-White System Milking Process

How to Keep a Micro-Dairy Barn Clean

Morning Chores on a Micro-Dairy

Micro-Dairy Chores- Cleaning

Milking at the Micro-Dairy

Micro-Dairy Chores Time Lapse

Goat Bucket Milking


Animal Care Videos:

How to Know when a Cow is Done Milking

Farmstead Calf De-Horning

Milk Fever Treatment

How to Take a Milk Sample for Testing


Micro Dairy Business Videos:

Advice on Starting a Micro-Dairy

Micro-Dairy Movement in Vermont


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