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Micro-Green Fresh Fodder MANUAL

Micro-Green Fresh Fodder Systems by NEFFSCO

Model MFFS110


Micro-Green Fresh Fodder Systems with micro-computer control system is an easy, convenient, functional, practical, advanced technology inserted, new generation intelligent machine, it is invented and manufactured by our technician group based on years' study and experience. This machine adopts Signal Chip Microcomputer Controlling Technology, so as to improve accuracy, better meet the growing environment required by seeds/grains. It realized human's dream of fully automatic, reduced the labor intensity, saved much labor, improved economic performance, and also enhanced the quality of sprout/seedling, it is the best choice of green vegetable production.


Technical Parameters

1.Voltage: AC220v±10% (or 110v as per request)

2.Power supply: Transformer

3.Working Environment: -1050; relative humidity less than 90% (25)

4.Measurement Range: 0-50

5.High accurate sensor.



Measure and control five grade temperature and two lines of spraying job at the same time

Several digital display for convenient detection

With temperature examine function,large measuring range, stable performance

Water shortage protection. When there is less water in water tank, it stops spraying and heating, then alarms

If the temperature inside machine is high, it alarms and cool down (temperature is over 30 , it forces to spray)

When system is abnormal, it alarms automatically

Memory function. If electricity is interrupt, the data won't be lost


Panel Operation

(Tips: Before revising the data, please read the user manual carefully, otherwise, wrong operation will cause machine normal working even broken, or loss to production)


On-Off: There are two On-off keypad. You can press "Start 1 Stop 1" and "Start 2 Stop 2" to control the cabinet 1 and cabinet 2 working condition. For example, when press "Start 1", the indicator light on cabinet 1 is on, it means cabinet 1 is working. When press "Stop 1", the indicator light on cabinet 1 is off, it stops working.


Setting: Press this keypad to set the function. First of all, press on panel "Stop 1" and "Stop 2" to stop the machine,and make "Water Pouring Interval 1" and "Water Pouring Time 1" and "Water Pouring Interval 2" and "Water Pouring Time 2" all show "00". After doing that, you can set the function, firstly press "Setting" keypad, then the "Grow Space Temperature 1" bounces; secondly adjust the data and get what your required data through "." keypad, "Grow Space Temperature 1" shows 24 before delivery; thirdly press "Setting" keypad to adjust the "Sprout Temperature 1" and "Water Temperature",etc through pressing ".".


Data Set Before Delivery: "Grow Space Temperature" 1.2, 24; "Sprout Temperature" 1.2, 30; "Water Temperature" 20; "Water Pouring Interval" 1.2, 240 minutes; "Water Pouring Time" 1.2, 50 seconds; "Water Supply Time Delayed" 10 seconds.


Manual Pouring 1: press it to spray water one time inside cabinet 1.


Manual Pouring 2: press it to spray water one time inside cabinet 2.


Light Instruction

Water Temperature light: if light on, indicates it is heating; if light off,indicates it stops heating

Grow Space Temperature 1 light: if light on,indicates it is heating;if light off,indicates it stops heating

Grow Space Temperature 2 light: if light on,indicates it is heating;if light off,indicates it stops heating

Water Pump 1 light: if light on, indicates it is spraying

Water Pump 2 light: if light on, indicates it is spraying

Grow Space 1 Working light: if light on, indicates Cabinet 1 starts working; if light off, indicates Cabinet 1 stops working

Grow Space 2 Working light: if light on, indicates Cabinet 2 starts working; if light off, indicates Cabinet 2 stops working

Water Shortage Alarm light: if light on, indicates there is no water in tank (please check the water resource in time)

Alarm light: if light on,indicates something abnormal in system, please pay attention to other lights condition:

1) If alarm light is on, and Water Tank Shortage Light is flashing, indicates water is limited

2) If alarm light is on, and Water Pump 1 Light on, indicates Cabinet 1 is high temperature, it is spraying and alarming

Power Indicator light: indicates the electricity is normal

Working light: indicates the cabinet or cabinets are working normally

Stop light: indicates all cabinets stop working


Problems Solution and Maintenance




Temperature displays EEE or doesnt display normally

Transducer was not installed well or disconnected

Transducer Plus-n-Minus is wrong connected

Check the transducer wire

Change the connecting way of Plus-n-Minus

Pump doesnt spray

Pump is broken

Spraying contactor is broken

Repair the pump

Change a new contactor

Electric leakage when spraying and switch off

Electric leakage on pump

Repair the pump

Control panel displays abnormally or doesnt display

The wire in control cabinet is loose

The line without power

Power is not on

Check and fasten the connecting part of wire

Check the line of power source

Switch on

Long time alarming

Transducer is poorly contacted

No water in water tank, or waterline is poorly contacted

Check the transducer wire

Check the waterline or add water to water tank

Water tank and cabinet is not heating

Temperature is set too low

Heater is broken

Solid-state relay is broken

Set the temperature again

Change a new heater

Change a new solid-state relay



1.We will repair or send spare parts for free if there is quality problem (not caused by men) within one year; after warranty period, we will provide technical support, repair and spare parts at cost.

2.If the problem is caused by lightning strike, wrong electricity, fire and other nature disaster, human factor or wrong operation, we will provide repair and spare parts at cost.



1.Please read the user manual before operating this machine

2.Juveniles, old, weak , ill and disabled persons are forbidden to operate this machine, avoiding accidence.

3.Please don't pull the wire violently or operate rule-breakingly. Please stop the machine and shut off the power before repairing.

4.Please connect the ground wire before operation.


Disinfection Instruction

We must wash our hands with washing powder (can't use soap) to keep hands clean before working.


1.All appliance inside the machine have to be sterilized completely, and each appliance have to be specially used. Each time after using, please sterilize.

Use 50kg water mixed with 200g disinfectant powder (or use dilute 84 disinfection fluid) clean the machine

2.Sterilizing the tray/basket: Clean the tray/basket and sunning or airing them for 10 hours; Immerse them into the 50kg water 50kg water mixed with 200g disinfectant powder (or use dilute 84 disinfection fluid with higher concentration); Take them out and clean them with water

3.The production site should be in the charge of specially-assigned person, irrelevant personnel should be forbidden to enter, to avoid bacteria infect the seeds and lead to rotten bud

4.Keep devices clean on production site; forbid workers to contact oil contamination and chemicals, to avoid bacteria

5.Sterilize the environment in warehouse termly, once per week. Use 10kg water mixed 0.05kg disinfectant powder to pour on the floor, then close the door for 3 hours (or use quick lime water mixed with 84 disinfection fluid)


Select the seed

Please purchase the completely matured fresh seeds, starlatine, bright in color, unbroken, insect-free, mildew-free, this is the basis for production.