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Pipeline Package Equipment List

 Bob-White Systems' Deluxe All-Inclusive Pipeline Package

 *Please note: Used and rebuilt equipment is subject to availability. If not available, new parts will be substituted at a higher cost.

Standard Equipment

Used Rebuilt M-5 Masport Vacuum Pump with 5 HP motor

Includes stand and reclaimer

Vacuum Gauge, 3.5" Adjustable

Used PVC Balance tank

Used 2" Receiver group, complete, highline glass

Bender 2 Jar Washer, 110 volt

Bender Diverter Assembly, 110 volt

Kleen-Flo 100 Air Injector Package

1) Kleen-Flo 100 air injector control box with board

1) Kleen-Flo 100 remote air injector valve, 2"

Mark II Regulator (150 CFMs)

Depend-O-Drain, 110 volt, gray motor cover and valve

Double Wash Sink, 22" x 22", horizontal

Sink Leg or Wall Brackets, set of 2

12 Quart Vertical Stainless Moisture Trap Assembly - No Trap

Milking Units (We recommend NuPulse claws. If you select another type of claw, an electric pulsation system and PVC vacuum line will need to be added to this list. Package pricing reflects two complete NuPulse milking units.)

(2) Complete NuPulse FulFlo Standard Claws with Shut-off

(2) Unit Kits for Standard NuPulse FulFlo Claw with Shut-off

(2) Standard Jet Wash System, 2"

(2) Blue Plastic Milk Valve, 2"

(2) Standard 5/8" Goose Neck Cane for Blue Milk Valve

(2) Hose Hook with Single Loop, 2"


Site Specific Items For 2" Pipeline (Requires dairy technician consultation prior to purchase)

(10) 2" Stainless Tri-Clamp Elbow, 90 Degree

(2) 2" Roll-on Ferrule

(2) 2" Pipeline Clamp

(80ft) Stainless Steel Tubing, 2" - 16 Gauge

(20ft) Stainless Steel Tubing, 1.5" - 16 Gauge

Plastic Coupling Assembly for 2" Glass Fitting

Plastic Coupling Assembly for 1.5" Glass Fitting

(10) Blue Plastic Coated L Bracket, 3", with Clamp Kits OR

(10) Blue Plastic Coated U Bracket, 3", with Clamp Kits

Extended on one side (6 x 5.5 x 9")

Blue Plastic Coated U Bracket, 3", with Clamp Kits

Same Length on both sides (6 x 5.5 x 6")


Total: $9,800. Please note: price does not include shipping, installation, or site-specific requirements.



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