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Bob-White Systems Press Releases:

Bob-White Systems Lab Expands, Now Offers Safe, Affordable, & Accurate Milk ELISA Testing for Pregnancy, Johne's Disease and Leukosis

"Bob-White Systems Launches Second HTST Pasteurizer" in Farming Magazine, July 2015

LiLi Pasteurizer Passes State of VT Inspection & Receives Favorable FDA Review—Now Approved for Use in All 50 States

Hiring Intern For The Fall and Winter 2013-2014.

Bob-White Systems Names Former Cheesemaker and Goatherder Jana Koschak as New Dairy & Food Lab Technician                                                          

Bob-White Systems Taps Into Decades of Hands-on Cheesemaking & Dairy-Industry Experience with New Cheese Kits for the Home Cook

Bob-White Systems Opens Vermont’s Only Private Multi-Purpose Dairy and Food Testing Lab

"Micro Dairy Equipment and Supplies Now Available for Online Purchase" in Mother Earth News, August 2011

"Bob-White Systems Launches Farmstead Cheese Making Business" in Vermont Business Magazine, January 2011

"Raw Milk Alternatives: Part 2" in Food Safety News, August 2010

"Small-Scale Pasteurizer Could Help Milk Sales" in The Herald of Randolph, April 2010

"Small Farms Can Now Pasteurize Own Milk" in The Herald of Randolph, November 2011

Heritage Radio Network's "Cutting the Curd" with guest Steve Judge, May 2011

"Judge: Vermont Dairies Are the Answer" in Holstein World, November 2010

"Small Scale Equipment Brings the Cows Back Home" in Lancaster Farming, October 2010

"VT Micro Dairy Supply Firm Expands" in Lancaster Farming, April 2011

"Expansion at Bob-White Systems Adds New Engineering, Manufacturing Facility," in the Progressive Dairyman, April 2011

"South Royalton Firm Ponders Pasteurization Possibilities" in the Valley Business Journal, May 2010

"Judge: Micro Dairies Are the Answer" in Vermont Digger, November 2010

"Bob-White Systems Launches the Low-Impact Pasteurizer" in Vermont Digger, October 2011

"Are Micro Dairies Vermont's Farming Future?" on WCAX

"Micro Milk" in Vermont's Local Banquet (June, 2011)

"Planting a LiLi" in Vermont's Local Banquet, August 2014

"Bob-White Systems Lab Receives FDA Certification" in Farming Magazine, August 2014



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