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Yogurt Recipe


1 quart milk

1/8 teaspoon ABY2C or AB 611 or DC 611


1. In a heavy-bottomed pan, slowly heat 1 quart of milk to 180°, stirring occasionally.

2. Once the milk has reached 180°, remove the pot from the heat and place it in a sink filled with ice and water. Stir the milk as it cools, until the temperature is down to 115°.

3. Add 1/8 teaspoon of yogurt culture to the warm milk. Allow the culture to rehydrate on the surface of the milk for about five minutes and then stir the culture thoroughly into the milk.

4. Transfer the milk into a quart sized jar, or smaller jars, if you prefer. Cover the jar(s) with a lid.

5. Now it’s time to let the culture do the work. You’ll need to incubate the milk at around 115° for anywhere from 6-12 hours, depending on your taste. There are many ways to do this:

  • If you have a Yogotherm, put your future yogurt right in there!
  • Place your future yogurt in a food dehydrator, setting the temperature for 115°.
  • Put the jar(s) into a medium-sized picnic cooler with a few jars of hot water, then close the cooler.
  • Put the future yogurt into a gas oven with a pilot light. Do not turn on the oven!
  • Put the future yogurt into a thermos.
  • Place the quart jar on a warm windowsill.
  • Wrap the jar in a blanket.

6. Taste the yogurt after 4-5 hours. If it has set, and you like the flavor and consistency, remove it from the warm environment and cover tightly with a lid and store in the refrigerator. If not, check the yogurt every half-hour or hour, until it’s reached your desired stopping point.

Please note: Raw milk generally makes a yogurt that has a much thinner consistency than yogurt made with pasteurized milk.

7. If you like the flavor of your yogurt, but want a thicker style “Greek” yogurt, all you need to do is strain off the whey. You can do this easily by straining your yogurt through the fine cheesecloth included in your kit. The whey can be used in your garden, fed to livestock, or used to make other fermented products such as kvass, lacto-fermented vegetables, or fermented sodas.






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