The Essential Hand Milker's Package with Screen

We've designed the ideal set-up for hand-milkers: a sturdy stainless bucket, a stainless lid, and a stainless screen that fits snugly inside your milk pail, preventing the entrance of any hair, dust or dirt during the milking process.

We designed the screen ourselves, because nothing like it existed! It's made of stainless steel and fits in the top of the bucket to "pre-filter" the milk as you milk into the bucket. This handy screen allows the milk to go through but stops any hair, shavings, or dirt clumps that could fall off the udder and contaminate the milk. 

With this pail and screen combination, you'll make all the other hand milkers jealous! 

*Please note: this package can be ordered with or without a dump handle on the 13QT pail (see drop-down menu).