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3/4 HP Vacuum Pump Replacement Parts

Find any and all the parts you need to keep your 3/4 HP Vacuum Pump running smoothly for years to come!

All parts shown in the diagram are available in the drop-down menu.

  • 20299 Gasket for Plexi Lid- 10"
  • 25235 5/8" Clear Tubing- 2'
  • 56375 Pipeline Nipple Closure
  • 67224 2" Vacuum Gauge
  • P41050NP Black Muffler for 3/4 HP Mini Pump
  • P11309NP Manifold Assembly for 3/4 HP Mini Pump
  • P41011NP Brass Relief Valve- 3/8" NPT
  • P11199NP 3/4 HP Mini Pump & Motor with Filter & Cord
  • P41005NP Bolt (with loop)
  • P41006NP Lid holder disk (with hole)
  • P41007NP Wingnut
  • P41008NP Stainless Rod (with cotter pin)
  • P41015NP Vacuum Tank with Lid, Gasket, Clip & Handle
  • P41016NP Plexi Lid
  • P41020NP Vane for 3/4 HP Mini Pump (each, 4 required)
  • P41021NP End Cap
  • P41022NP Filter Felt
  • P41024NP Service Kit for 3/4 HP Mini Pump
  • P41025NP O Ring for End Cao
  • P41028NP Motor Housing Gasket for 3/4 HP
  • P01236NP Cord with 3-Prong Plug (not shown)

See complete pump here.

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