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500L Cream Separator - Stainless Steel

It is with regret that we have discontinued the 500 Liter cream separator.  We have worked with great diligence during the past 5 plus years to be able to offer this product as a relatively affordable cream separator that can be used and approved for use in Grade-A dairy processing facilities. Unfortunately, we have been stymied by poor build quality and manufacturing defects that makes the 500 Liter cream separators unreliable and an intolerable expense both for Bob-White Systems and our customers.
A brief note from Steve Judge:
The riddle of the cream separators.  Everyone seems to want a cream separator that can be approved for Grade A use in the US that costs less than $5,000 or even $10,000.  Unfortunately, we have searched the globe and haven't been able to find one for our customers.  The least expensive Grade A cream separators that are available in the US that I am aware of are used and or rebuilt commercial models that sell for $30,000 at the least.  There are several smaller home cream separators that are available for $200 or $300 such as this one:  But generally they can't be approved for Grade A use.
We did sell a larger more expensive cream separator that came from Europe.  After several thousand dollars worth of improvements and upgrades for the American market, they were approved for Grade A use in a few states in the US.  Unfortunately, the motors proved to be problematic and we stopped selling them.  But we are still looking and still hoping.
One problem we face is there are no set FDA standards for the construction of cream separators which means the local dairy plant inspectors have few guidelines in regard to approving small scale cream separators.  So they are reluctant to approve any cream separator model and type that doesn't have a solid Grade A track record in the US.  As a result, when considering a small scale Cream Separator that you would like to use in a Grade A dairy processing facility - make sure your local inspector will approve it before you purchase it and ask for a money back guarantee from the seller that it will be approved for use in your facility.  And be very careful about any dairy processing equipment that is manufactured in India or China.
Steven A. Judge


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