75 gallon cheese vat / vat pasteurizer

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After six years of gradually building up our small grass-fed milking herd, with the plans and equipment to establish a small creamery for cheesemaking, we are (with some sadness) throwing in the towel. It is proving too much work and expense to set-up, given everything else we do, plus we’ve conceded that we really do not have enough pasture to ensure our herd would always have access to prime grazing for production and health. Accordingly, we are selling our milking stock and some dairying equipment.

This is a 75-gallon rectangular vat pasteurizer. It was purchased from and had been in use by an inspected goat dairy in Greenwich, New York, for many years. We purchased it in 2014, and it has been in storage since then.

Manufactured by Fromagex (not sure original manufacture date). Water jacketed and heated by 4 electric elements (220v). Bridge with agitator and temperature probe ports and shoebox lids for pasteurization, all removable for easy-access cheesemaking. Leak-detect valve. Anderson chart recorder and probes. Screen for whey draining. I believe 12-15 gallons is needed for pasteurization, to receive agitation and submerge the fluid probe.

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$14,500 for all!
Compare to the MicroDairy Designs 60-gallon vat and chart recorder for $17,000 (smaller, round – harder for cheesemaking, plus no bottom valve for draining)
Compare to the JayBee Precision “VAT” 60-gallon list price of $22,999 (also round)
And other brands just go up in price from there


Located in Saranac, NY

Contact seller directly for more information

Phone: 518-293-5174


Start Date: 11/16/2018

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