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76 gallon Cowbell Bulk Milk Tank

Dimensions & Specs
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300 Liter/76 gallons.
We purchased this tank on April 3, 2015 from Hamby Dairy Supply. We had it professionally installed and the system fine-tuned by one of Hamby's local technicians. 

We bought the tank as a second tank so we could separate our A2 milk from our A1 milk. Our whole herd is now A2A2, so we're ready to sell the smaller of our two tanks. 

The measurements are in Liters and Celsius because it was manufactured in India. 

It works great! We had our tech out August 31, 2018 and he tightened up a valve that was allowing a slow leak of freon, and recharged the freon. It cooled nice and fast, but we only used it for a few months before we sold our last A1 cow. We tested it about a month ago and it appears there is still a small freon leak somewhere, as the freon levels were down a bit.  So we purchased a 
15 lb tank of R22 freon that has about 11 lbs of freon in it that comes with the bulk tank. That should keep the freon charged for MANY years to come.  We also cleaned off the fins, etc. I haven't re-attached the back and front covers yet, so you'll see those just sitting on the ground in the pictures.

We replaced the compressor November 2017. The original installer had not installed an accumulator. Without the accumulator, it allowed moisture into the original compressor, which caused it to fail. The new compressor has an accumulator installed with it.

230 volts 
approx dimensions:
65 inches tall including agitator drive motor 
45 inch diameter side to side 
58 inches from rear lid hinge to valve mount on front 
Self contained - compressor mounted under tank



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also: We are also selling our our whole farm and the positive cash-flowing raw dairy, beef, eggs, pork,& gardens business in Excelsior Springs, MO--serving the greater Kansas City area.  

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