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Automatic Rotary Bottle Filler Capper

Check out the newest product from the makers of our Bottle Filler Capper. People have asked for a completely automatic system and they have answered the call!

  • Footprint:120"L  x 36"W x 80"H
  • Bottler includes 4 starwheels for 1- gallon to 12oz containers.
  • High capacity Fogg fill valve with 6-gallon adjustable reservoir.
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction.
  • Touchscreen for user-friendly operation
  • Cycle counters for tracking production.
  • Additional customization options include: Swivel castors for machine transport & custom conveyor length

Pump System from Pump to filler vat includes:

  • Pump with stainless steel 120V motor
  • Frequency drive speed control with float level control
  • SS 2-port vat lid with fill tube
  • Piping from pump to vat with check valve

Stay tuned for more information and the official launching of the new Automatic Rotary Bottle Filler Capper!

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