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Pulsator D#95 2 Port

The D#95 Pulsator 2 port is used with portable milking machines for both cows, goats and sheep. Pulsation can be adjusted using a small Allen wrench.

For cows we recommend the 60:40 with a pulsation rate of 60 pulses per minute and a vacuum level between 12 and 14". For goats its recommended the 60:40 with 90 pulses per minute and a vacuum level of 11 to 12 inches. For sheep is it recommended the 50:50 with 120 pulses per minute and a vacuum level of 9 to 12 inches.

The pulsator ratio refers to the percent of time spent in each phase of the two-phase pulsation. The first number refers to the liner in an open state, with milk flowing from the teat. The second number refers to when the liner is closed around the teat, massaging it. A 50:50 pulsator spends equal time open, with milk flow, as it does closed, massaging the teat.

Product of Spain.


  • D#95 60/40 pulsation ratio (recommended for cows and goats)
  • D#95 50/50 pulsation ratio (can be used for goats, recommended for sheep)

Also Available: Pulsator Port Plug. Used when milking one goat bucket milker. They are small! Buy a couple.



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