Bucket Milker for Two Sheep/Nigerian Dwarf Goats - ITP 207 Cluster

  • This bucket milker has everything you need except the vacuum pump! It is equipped with the ITP 207 claw. Featuring a unique shutoff valve that automatically controls the vacuum supply to the individual liner during both milking and washing. The valve opens automatically when the teat enters the liner and closes when the teat is removed. 

    The benefits include:

    • Fewer operations during milking
    • Less vacuum fluctuation
    • Avoidance of undesirable suck-up of dirt
    • Automatic valve closure if cluster is kicked off
    • Accommodating when one half is finished before the other
    • Easy to inspect, clean, and maintain
    • Constructed with high impact resistant materials
  • Your package includes:

    • (2) ITP 207 Sheep Cluster Units
    • D#95 Pulsator- 50:50 ratio
    • Your choice of bucket: 35lb stainless steel bucket, 55lb stainless steel bucket, 65lb plastic Eco bucket 

    Tips for use:

    • Fit the liner to the teat and the valve automatically opens. When you have finished milking, gently twist and pull downward to detach the unit: this lets in air which closes the valve.
    • For best performance when washing, completely submerge the claw in the water/cleaning solution. When cleaning with a brush, be careful to not push out the plastic tri-cross.
    • Read our Bucket Milker Manual Here!


If you would like to order a part for this item, please call (802) 763-2777.

 Important Note: Some combinations are not available for pick-up at the Royalton, Vermont store.