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Dimensions & Specs

Please note: Shipping costs for cultures reflect the price of secure packaging, designed to decrease the risk of cultures perishing in long transits or summer heat.

The Choozit MA series is a strong mesophilic acidifier that does not contain the diacetyl and gas-producing strains of the MM100 or the MA4000 products. It has a clean and authentic flavor that results in a closed knit texture. Strong proteolytic activity during aging helps with texturizing quality as well.

The MA series makes a great choice for traditional English Cheddar and Stilton types, chèvre and aged goat cheeses, Colby and Jack , Greek and Bulgarian style Feta, and many other cheeses.

A great base for making your own farmhouse starter, this culture can be mixed with thermophilic cultures such as TA 50 or TA 60 series, Thermo B or C, LH100, FLAV 54 or similar products, turning it instantly into a starter of anything from Reblochon and Brie to Valençay, Emmental, Pecorino or Fontina.

Mesophillic (freeze-dried direct set/DVI-Direct Vat Innoculation) culture containing:

* (LL) Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis
* (LLC) Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris

Usage: 1/8 tsp. per 1 gallon(3.7liters), 1/4 tsp. per 2-5 gallons(7.5-18.9 liters) 1/2 tsp. per 5-10 gallons(18.9-38 liters).




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