CIP System for Transport Tanks

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Designed to clean our Milkplan Transport Tanks! See the Transport Tanks here.

Clean-In-Place System Manual

Printable Specs & Features Sheet

  • This washing system combined with one of our Transport Tanks makes the ideal milk transport system. This integrated system, fully equipped with water circuit and spray ball, guarantees perfect cleanliness and disinfection with each use. The construction of the tanks combined with the thoroughness of the wash cycle prevents the entrapment of even the minutest milk quantity, therefore avoiding the development of bacteria and the deterioration of transported milk.
    • Manual selection of washing cycle
    • User friendly control panel & hookups
    • Effective washing in 5 cycles: Cold Water rinse, Hot Water Rinse, Hot Water Wash, Hot Water Rinse, Cold Water Rinse.
    • Sounds alarm in case of water pump malfunction
    • Tank Washer CIP Wall Mounted Dimensions: 16" (L) x 20" (W) x 36.5" (H), Weight: 77.16 lbs.
    • Metal frame: AISI 304 Stainless Steel. Keeps electrical components secure from humidity, dirt, and dust
    • Manual choice for detergent or acid.
    • Water circulator pump: 875 Watt
    • Drainage valve: 50mm diameter
    • Flow rate: 140 liters/minute
    • Comes equipped with intake and outlet hose, approx. 8' each. Please note: This equipment is designed to work with hose of this length.
    • Requires:
      • Hot & Cold Water Intake
      • 110V, 60Hz Power Supply
      • Detergent and/or Acid Supplies *can be used with a detergent/acid combination mix. Call for more information
  • This item ships freight. We take care to crate our tanks well and cover insurance on all of our shipments.

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