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Complete Wash Package for NuPulse Goat Bucket Milkers

  • This package has everything you need to go straight from the milking parlor into an efficient cleaning cycle that will leave your equipment ready for the next milking. NuPulse claws require special cleaning methods to eliminate water build-up in the claw and space between the inflations and shells. If water builds up it can cause damage to the goat during milking. The NuPulse claw washer eliminates these risks by washing it in the same position as when it milks. 

    This all-inclusive package reduces the daily hands-on hassle with brushes to get at all the surfaces of the claw and milk hose. The NuPulse Claw washer included can wash one or two claws at a time. Wash sinks provide a sanitary surface for cleaning and drying bucket and lids. The sinks are made of 22 gauge stainless steel. You can expect them to be 20.5" wide and 12.25" deep. This set-up will save you time and money. You can spend less time cleaning up and more time on other tasks on the farm! Great for any farmer milking goats with the NuPulse Standard Goat Claw.

  • This Package Includes:

    • Requirements:

      • Water source
      • Vacuum Pump
      • Adequate screws and bolts for mounting fixtures


    Important Note: Wash Packages are not available for pick-up at the Royalton, Vermont store. These products are ship only.



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