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Complete Hand Milker's Package

  • You're not the only one still hand milking! We have a number of customers who still enjoy milking the old-fashioned way. Check out this blog entitled "A Brief History of Milking Cows by Hand" originally published in Mother Earth News.

    Our Complete Hand Milker's Package includes easy to clean stainless equipment, as well as the products you need to ensure teat and milk cleanliness. This package is designed to get you all the essentials at significant savings!

    Milking Goats? We recommend the 8 Quart Pail with the 5 Quart Tote option in the dropdown menu!

  • This package includes:

    • Stainless steel pail with lid
    • Stainless steel milk tote with recessed lid
    • Light Weight Strainer with 100 disc filters
    • No Return- Teat Dip Cup
    • Strip Cup
    • 1 gallon Iodine Post Dip
    • Milk Check Teat Wipes-700pc Pail
    Please select the size of pail and tote you would like from the dropdown menu.


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