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Geotrichum Candidum

Please note: Shipping costs for cultures reflect the price of secure packaging, designed to decrease the risk of cultures perishing in long transits or summer heat.

Geotrichum Candidum is naturally present in both dairy and environments, and is a key in the development of almost all cheeses. It influences the look, texture and flavor of the cheese, neutralizing the surface acidity. It improves texture and stimulates flora growth, stabilizes the rind, reduces bitterness, and produces a variety of flavor and aroma compounds. 

Differences between Geo 13, 15, and 17:

Geo 13 is a classic strain of Geotrichum Candidum, perfect for lactic goat and cow milk cheeses as well as Camembert and Brie. It grows slowly and develops good texture with medium flavor. Its texture is somewhere between the moldy look of Geo 17 and the yeasty look of Geo 15. 

Geo 15 is a yeasty strain of Geotrichum Candidum. It is great for cheeses that require a smooth surface, and is ideal for washed and mixed rind cheeses like Reblochon or for wild, smeared or brushed rind Tommes. It will also work well in bloomy and lactic cheeses. When comparing with Geo 13 and 17, the Geo 15 strain features a creamier color, it is less proteolytic, and has a slightly lower optimum growth temperature. It does not develop the "brainy"/"wormy" texture of some other Geo strains. 

Use 1/32nd-1/16th tsp. (.14g-.07g) for 1-5 gal. of milk; 2 doses will inoculate 265 gallons of milk.

10 dose sachet. Made in France.



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