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Cream Separator - Motor Sich 80 - Manual Operation

  • This cream separator is easy to disassemble and even easier to adjust. Capable of separating cream from the milk of cows, goats, sheep, camels, and others. Make your own butter and ice cream at home with this excellent tool! Don't forget the cream in your coffee! Are you living off-grid? Do you have limited outlets in your dairy processing facility? Maybe you have children who would enjoy the manual labor of separating cream. If you have problems with electricity in your location this model is what you need. It shows a good combination of quality and price.


    Very easy to use: be sure to separate warm milk (up to 40˚C or 104˚F), switch the separator on and pour the milk into the 12-liter milk container. 
    • Processes 21 gallons per hour (80 liters per hour)
    • You have reached the work speed when make one handle round per minute.
    • Quality Steel Housing for the gears in the base.
    • Aluminum spouts, bowls and float chamber.
    • Discs are made of Aluminum. (If you are looking for anodized discs continue to the Milky FJ90 Cream Separator page. Anodized disks will not acidify under the influence of milk because they are covered by special 14-micrometer film.)


    Please note: Discuss applications with your local dairy inspector.

    WARNING! This model is hand-operated. You have to pour 7oz. of industrial oil inside the cream separator before operating! Otherwise, the gears inside can break very fast.

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