CyLence Pour-On Insecticide

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CyLence Pour-On Insecticide works to control horn flies, face flies, biting lice and sucking lice on beef and dairy cattle (including lactating). Treatment for flies can be repeated as needed, but not more than every 3 weeks. For optimal lice control, a second treatment 3 weeks after the initial application is recommended.1% Cyfluthrin. 1 pint treats 40 cows for flies or 20 cows for lice.

  • Can be used on cattle of any age or size
  • Active ingredient: cyfluthrin 1%
  • Treats 59 head of cattle weighing 400 - 800 lb. for horn flies and face flies
  • Treats 29 head of cattle weighing 400-800 lb. for biting and sucking lice

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